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MODEL 4WSP 52" X 52" X 16.5" ( 4 DRUMS) Safe-T-Pallet


A free-standing, relocatable chemical storage and containment structure.  The structure includes the following components for storage of flammable or combustible liquids and other hazardous materials.


Dimensions: 104”L X 66”W X 96”H

Store up to Six (6) 55 Gallon Drums


• Factory Mutual System (“FM”) Approved & Labeled.

• Exterior Wall Construction:  Weatherproof unitized noncombustible steel construction fabricated from welded & corrosion-protected structural & heavy gauge steel sheets for maximum durability, weather resistance & rigidity

• Roof/Ceiling Construction:  Weatherproof unitized noncombustible steel construction, same as exterior walls, fabricated from continuously welded heavy gauge steel roof sheets for maximum durability, weather resistance & rigidity.  Roof/ceiling assembly permanently attached to exterior walls.  

• 54”W, steel door located on front wall of building.  Door hardware consists of a 3-point locking system.

• Screened Air Vent(s):  Air inlet vent(s) equipped with louvers and screens.  The vent openings are arranged to provide air movement and prevent accumulation of hazardous vapors.

• Building Base:  Open channel construction for forklift and/or crane slings and under building inspections.

• Internal Spill Containment Capacity:  Minimum 25% of total storage capacity.  Surpasses regulatory and Factory Mutual requirements for spill containment.

• Interior Finish:  High solids, chemical-resistant epoxy coating with a white aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.

• Exterior Finish:  High solids, chemical-resistant epoxy undercoat with a heat reflective white aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.

• Four (4) Hold-down plates (structural steel plates) for bolting to purchaser’s foundation for seismic and wind load anchoring.

• Static Grounding System:  One (1) exterior grounding connection, one (1) 5/8” diameter copper-clad steel grounding rod, one (1) #4AWG copper conductor, and grounding lug(s).

• Signage:  D.O.T. hazard classification placard with rust-proof aluminum holder & stainless steel clips; and pressure sensitive NFPA 704 Hazard Rating Sign(s).



• Roof Snow Load:  40 psf

• Wind Load:  110 mph, Exposure C

• Floor Live Load:  500 psf

• Seismic Condition:  Zone 4 or Performance Category E



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