Maintenance Field Service

SAFETY STORAGE® can provide an onsite inspection, maintenance field service, and a detailed report and analysis on the application and condition of your SAFETY STORAGE® structure. Upon request, SAFETY STORAGE® can provide turn-key maintenance and replacement of damaged components to ensure compliance to state and local code.

Purchasing a SAFETY STORAGE® hazmat structure designed to your specific needs and location will provide compliance to state and local codes for your application – you get assurance.

Assurance – a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.

Inspecting your SAFETY STORAGE® hazmat structure periodically by a qualified member of the SAFETY STORAGE® expert team – you get reassurance.

Reassurance – the action of removing someone’s doubts or fears.

Reassurance that your building has been inspected visually and verifying safety features are functioning to their intended use.

Reassurance that the building type, design, and location are in compliance with the state and local codes in respect to its current usage.

Reassurance that any recommendations for maintenance, service, damaged, or replacement items are documented and provided to the customer in order to provide continued compliance.

Reassurance that any uses of the structure beyond it’s intended design will be documented and provided to the customer for further evaluation and assessment.