Custom Engineered Solutions

When your hazardous chemical, flammable and combustible material storage needs require more than just simple containment capabilities, SAFETY STORAGE® custom engineered hazardous storage buildings solutions work the way you do to combine OSHA, EPA, and fire code requirements with manufacturing, deployment, and supply chain efficiencies. Compliance, safety, productivity, cost-efficiencies, aesthetic considerations, and worker comfort are designed into a custom engineered prefabricated hazardous material storage building solution. SAFETY STORAGE® custom engineered chemical storage buildings are built strong and sturdy yet offer flexibility in form, function, and aesthetics so that they meet code requirements, perform highly specialized functions that add extra value to your company’s bottom-line, and visually fit into your site.

SAFETY STORAGE® custom pre-fabricated solutions feature:

  • Fast set-up
  • Lower building costs
  • Quick turnaround on permitting approvals
  • Finest quality heavy gauge steel and structural shapes with durable chemical-resistant coatings
  • Rigorous quality testing throughout the manufacturing process

SAFETY STORAGE® custom engineered hazmat containment buildings begin with a collaborative enterprise-wide initiative. We look closely at the hazardous chemicals you use and at how you work. Our goal is to construct a custom engineered hazardous material storage building that can also improve supply-chain efficiencies by supporting more efficient workflow patterns.

No project is too challenging for the SAFETY STORAGE® team of highly trained engineers.

  • Free-standing, built-out units or captive interior space segmentation
  • Compartmentalized temperature controlled storage and/or storage and workroom suites
  • Multiple chamber construction for separating hazardous material according to specific storage and usage requirements
  • Add-on structures to accommodate plant expansion
  • Specialized, self-contained processing suites

*SAFETY STORAGE® contracts engineering services for design review and approvals.